Hi fellow students,

Here is my submission for the “Make a better product” assignment.

My SME interviewee, Ken Wilkes, needed to improve his process for making Smart bottle.

Octagonal rollers were needed instead of round rollers to per-crease the film.

I created the proto-type rollers and produced 20 pairs (10 rollers) for this assignment.

Needless to say, the new rollers should do the trick; saving Ken time on new product delivery and money (not producing scrap).

Thanks for a great semester…let’s wrap this up!



This is the video link to the assignment.

I used Video pad video editor and was very pleased with the results and options the software provided.


ENT 601 WEEK 7: Movie review Assignment

_At the Movies_ Assignment draft of questions – 1

Hi fellow students,

This weeks blog is about an innovative movie selected from a list to review with our study group for ENT 601.

“flash of Genius” was about Mr Kerns; an amateur inventor that invented the intermittent windshield wiper motor.

The big three (Ford, Chevy, and Chrysler) could not come up with an intermittent wiper. Kerns did, and eventually his invention was basically stolen from him. He spent the next twelve years re-claiming his intellectual property at the cost of his wife and psychological health

As a machinist, I was enthralled by this film. I enjoyed it…I hope you enjoy our groups collaborative effort on the assignment.


(Group: OJ Simpson, Curtis Wright , John Ray & Shannon Moser)

ENT 601 WEEK 5: “Visions” by Michio Kaku: book review by Shannon Moser

ENT 601-10 Shannon Moser book review on _Visions_ by Michio KakuHello fellow classmates,

For the past few weeks, I have been fulfilling my obligation to read a book from our book list in ENT 601. I saw an author I recognized recognized and jumped at the chance to read something he had published. “Visions: How Science will Revolutionize Revolutionize the 21st Century” by Michio Kaku.

In this book, Mr. Kaku talks about the future we are living in now. Kaku describes the three main revolutions going on now in science: The computer, bio-molecular, and quantum revolutions. He also describes three distinct times: 1997-2020, 2020-2050, and 2050-2100 and beyond. Kaku takes you on a journey through the future of all three scientific revolutions, through the afore mentioned time frames.

Kaku’s predictions seem to be spot on through the year 2020. His future is bright with robots, making hereditary disease extinct, but there will be moral decisions to make as a society.

I enjoyed this book. You will as well if you like the future, science, and BIG words.

Attached is my submission for ENT 601,


Book fun facts:

Title: “Visions: How Science will Revolutionize the 21st Century”

Author: Michio Kaku

Length: 360 pages

Publisher: Anchor Books: A division of Random House INC.

Cover price = $10.

Rating = 7 (1 – easy and 10 = extremely hard)

Overall rating 4 (1 = bad and 4 = great!)

ENT 601 Week 4: SME Interview with Ken Wilkes, owner of Smartbottle & KRW Machinary

Hi classmates, It’s another week and another assignment down. This assignment allowed me the opportunity to interview a man I have worked for in the past 2 years machining proto-type dies for Smart-Bottle. Ken Wilkes, owner of Smart Bottle and KRW machinery has a fascinating story. He holds over 50 patents word wide, designs the product and machinery to produce that product, and has won awards for innovative packaging solutions while working with Dowel Chemical and Kraft foods.

Thank you for reading…enjoy this great American success story!

ENT 601 INTERVIEW WITH Ken Wilkes Interview FINAL

Below is the link to Entrepreneurship Interviews.com:


Below is the link to a video that demonstrates one of Ken’s machines at work.


Thank you,

Shannon Moser

ENT 601 WEEK 3: Innovation Leadership Podcast on Game Changing Machines of WWII

Hello ENT 601 classmates,

This weeks assignment was on Innovation Leadership. Our assignment was to watch a video and describe innovations found within. I know war is bad, but at some of our greatest discoveries & inventions were inspired by war. This video speaks directly to that point. Some machines were collaborative innovation efforts between people or countries. Other machines were innovative because of the manufacturing scale, type, or simply the processes didn’t exist. Many inventions from the WWII era are still used, and in many cases, feared today.

The final submission for this project will be on WCU’s Blackboard site. With it you will find an AUP, MP3, & 2 WORD documents (1outline & 1 written script for each track recorded…11 or 12 in all).

I learned a lot from this assignment & hope to be of assistance to our learning community, should the need arise.

Have great week,



ENT 601 Week 2: Innovation on a Napkin Assignment

Hi fellow students;

For this weeks assignment, we were to come up with a business idea, then convey that idea through an animated sequence. The media through which this was accomplished was a software called Videoscribe. I downloaded a 7 day trial version created 2 animated sequences. BOTH will be posted, but 1st…to our assignment.

My deliverable animated sequence featured a situation where a company is looking for an idea to improve their product by using TOOL SETTERS when setting up CNC mills or lathes. Classically, tools are touched off to parts. This can damage parts & tools. Using a TOOL SETTER creates a situation where set up times are less, scrap from “hard touch offs” is reduced, and the process has less variation, while the company enjoys higher profits.

Enjoy this video at YouTube or on Blackboard: